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Raising is the process of making hollowware from a flat sheet of metal. This is achieved by hammering the sides up gradually, in rounds, on anvils or metal working stakes.

Todd_Jeffrey_Ellis_Off_Centre_VaseOff Centre Raising
With off-center raising the silversmith moves the centre point of their raising each round along the axis of the piece towards the outside. This moves the course of raising on an angle to the base, creating an asymmetrical form.

Technique_EngravingHand Engraving
Hand engraving is a decorative process of making lines or textures on metal. Engraving tools, called gravers, slowly remove metal and cut grooves to create the line work. Todd Jeffrey Ellis specializes in traditional scroll work as well as figurative work.

Fabricating refers to the process where the silversmith takes pieces that they have formed and assembles them into the finished piece of work through soldering, such as adding the base onto a chalice.

Technique_ChasingChasing & Repoussé
Repoussé is the decorative process of pressing out a sculptural shape from the metal, usually from the back, utilizing punches and hammers. Repoussé is usually followed by chasing. Chasing tools are used on the front of the piece for design definition and development.

Forming is a term that encompasses a vast range of different methods. All forming is done through the use of hammers, stakes, hydraulic press, sandbags, bending, forging, and any other method that moves metal. Some forming techniques are traditional raising, chasing & repoussé, fold forming, anticlastic raising, synclastic raising, etc.

Todd Jeffrey Ellis’ carving work begins as a carved piece in wax. The wax sculpture is then cast into silver using the lost wax casting method